Everett Free Library 1969
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Nancy I. Sanders (far left) was just 8 years old when her family was named the “Library Family of the Year” in her small hometown at the Everett Free Library. Growing up on a dairy farm in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, she grabbed any opportunity to read a book in between milking the cows and driving tractor.

Nancy read Little Women when perched high in the branches of an apple tree. And in the summer of her 18th year after baling hay each day, she’d row with her future sister-in-law out to the middle of the farm pond where they stretched out on a raft and read Pride and Prejudice aloud to each other.

Three years later on Nancy’s wedding day, her husband Jeff presented her with a beautiful one-volume edition of Jane Austen’s novels. Over the next 30 years, Nancy and Jeff raised their two sons, Dan and Ben, and watched their family grow to include two lovely daughters-in-law and three delightful grandchildren. Nancy established a prolific writing career, publishing 5 or more books each year along with numerous articles. She has published over 100 books including bestselling and award-winning titles. Topics she loves to write about include retold Bible stories, African American history, and biographies. She’s written numerous picture books, chapter books, teaching resources, beginning readers, fiction and nonfiction.

One day after reading Persuasion, a lightbulb went off in Nancy’s head. Write a biography of one of her favorite authors…Jane Austen…who also happens to be one of the greatest writers in English literature. The idea for Jane Austen for Kids was born!

The following two years were a whirlwind of travel, research, and hours spent writing at the computer. Country dances, whist, and other diverting activities became part of her daily joys. Finally, in February 2019, Jane Austen for Kids was released.

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