Chawton House was the summer home and grand estate owned by Jane Austen’s fortunate brother, Edward [Austen] Knight. Jane referred to Chawton House as the “Great House” and enjoyed walking there for a visit or an afternoon tea with her nieces and nephews. It was a short walk from Jane’s home during the last years of her life when she lived at Chawton Cottage (known today as the Jane Austen House Museum).

When I toured Chawton House during the 200th celebration of Jane Austen (commemorating the 200th year after her death) I found many delightful treasures. The window seat, known as Jane’s favorite, where she enjoyed sitting and watching out the scenic driveway. The old wooden staircase I could imagine Jane running up and down as she played games with her nieces and nephews. Edward’s dining table where Jane sat and dined with her extended family. And so much more.

Chawton House is a real way to connect with Jane Austen, and it also features a library of women writers, many of whom were contemporaries of Jane’s and whose books Jane loved to read.

Chawton House is currently undergoing a serious fundraising effort to help take this wonderful house, library collection, and Jane Austen site into the future.

You can help!

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